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    1.Shape of raw material to be dried Micro powder powder granule block flake fibric form

    1.¸¸¡«¤ÕÐλÎ: fitter cake mushy paste liquid

    2.primary moisture of raw material to be dried ,final moisture of finished product ,
    PH value ,MP , max.withstood t of raw material ,bulk density of raw material .

    3.main ingredient of damp powder:

    4.existed form of moisture: surface water crystal water

    5.fineness of finished product (Mesh),bulk specific gravity of damp product ,bulk specific gravity of finished product .

    6.relettive other characteristics of raw materials:
    viscosity thermal softening point transition point causticity(pHvalue) paculiar smell
    inflammability explosion hazard electric static gas pemeability constipate comminuted of crystal or granule
    7.requirement of output: damp product or dried finished porduct .
    8.whether the granule can be damaged£º yes no
    9.the original drymethod of raw material or dty method of similar products:
    10.requirements of dtying method: continuous dtying drying in batch

    11.heat source to be supplied: electricity steam hot water heat conduction oil
    gas fuel furnacea coal fuel furnace oil fuel furnace
    12.required material for manufacturing equipment when selection:
    13.requirements of environmental protection and requirements of yield:
    14.field to be installed:
    15.other requirements:

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