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    ………………………………◇◇◇Spray  Drier Series◇◇◇…………………………………


    LPG Series High-speed Centrifugal Spray Drier

    Working principle

        Air enters into hot air distributor“3” at the top of drying chamber through filter“1” and heater “2”,after which ,hot air is feed into the chamber homogenously in spiral state .liquid material is pumped to the centrifugal sprayer “7” after flowed through filter “5” ,where it is sprayed into fog drops and further contacted with hot air in large surface before it is dried into granulate products in a very short time thanks to  speedy evaporation of the humidity ,humid waste air is accumulated at the bottom of lower by spiral separator“8” and exhausted to the outside by blower “9” ,see drawing below .

    Characteristics and application

        ●High speed drying . Liquid material is centrifugally sprayed at a lager surface ,95-98% water content can be evaporated instantaneously in the high temperature air flow ,it therefore takes a few seconds only to finish the whole drying .

        ●Applicable for heat sensitive materials . Liquid drop flows in a paralell direction with hot air,   whose high temperature causes no over-heat to materials during water evaporation ,temperature distributtions inside the tower is showed in the following .

        ●Wide application .it's widely adopted for production of a various materials with different physic nature ,for instance ,polymer and resin ; dyeing -material and colour material ; ceramic and glass ; rust remover and pesticide ;hydrocarbon ; milk products ; blood and fish products ;fertilizer ; organic and no-organic compound etc .

        ●Good dispersiveness ,fluidity and dissolvity of the product .Homegeneous fine granulate of the product can be rest assured by the instananeous drying process .

        ●Simple process and convenient operation .solution with 40-60% humidity (90% is possible ) can be dried into powder powder product in one phase ,to which ,pulverization an screen are unnecessary ,thus purity of the product is improved at fewer process ,size ,bulk density and water content of the product can be easily adjusted and controlled in a certain limit according to actual operation conditions .

    Main technical date :


    Item Model LPG
    5 25 50 100 150 200-2000
    Inlet temperature ≤350          
    Outlet temperature 80-90          
    Max.evaporation(kg/h) 5 25 50 100 150 200-2000
    Driving type of centrifugal sprayer Drived by compressed air Nechanical drive        
    Rotation  speed(r.p.m) 25000 22000 21500 18000 18000 15000
    Dia. of spray pallet(mm) 50 102 108 108 150 180-340
    Thermal source electricity electricity


    steam , fuel oil ,fuel gas 




    steam,fuel oil ,gas

    solved by user
    Power of electric heating (kw) 8 31.5 60 81 99  



    1.8×0.93×2.2 3×2.7×4.26 3.7×3.2×5.1 4.6×4.2×6 5.5×4.5×7 Deside according to actual conditions
    Powder recollection ≥95 ≥95 ≥95 ≥95 ≥95 ≥95





    YPL Pressure Spray Drying Pelletizer

    Working Principle

      Solution ,suspension liquid ,emulsion ,paste material are atomized into fine drip by pressure spray nozzle under the pressure from high pressure pump ,then they are heat exchanged with high temperature quickly and continuously dried to fine materials in very short time and simple process .

    Following conditions shall be provided before model selection

    1.Material name and status .

    2.Output ,liquid material treatment amount ,water content or solid content .

    3.Temperature ,specific gravity ,viscosity and surface tension of the raw material .

    4.Air inlet temperature ,products heat resistant temperature .

    5.Water content and size of the product .

    6.Heating method and contact method with hot air .

    7.Other ancillary equipment .

    8.Installation site conditions .



    Egg and milk products including rich fat milk powder ,cocoa milk powder ,milk powder ,egg white (yolk)etc.

    Food and plant juice including oats ,chicken juice ,coffee ,speedy dissolving tea ,flavoring ,protein ,bean ,peanut protein ,protein solution etc.

    Sugar series including corn syrup ,corn starch ,amylaceum ,pectin barley sugar ,potassium sorbate etc .

    Pharmaceutical products including Chinese medicine extract ,pharmiglucin ,vitamin ,antibiltie ,amylase ,lipase ,protease etc .

    Plastic resins including AB,ABS emulsion ,pollopas ,phenolic resin ,melamac ,polyethylene ,PVC etc .

    Detergents including normal ,high grade washing powder ,soap powder ,soda ash ,emulsifier ,brightener ,phosphoric agent etc .

    Chemical products including sodium (potassium ) fluoride ,basis dye/colour ,dye intermediate ,compound fertilizer ,catalyzer ,sulphuric agent ,amino acid and white carbon etc .

    Ceramics including aluminum hydroxide ,calcium chloride ,stearic acid agent etc .

    Technical data


    Model 50 100 150 200 300 500 1000
    Water evaporation(kg/h) 50 100 150 200 300 500 1000
    Overall size¢×H(mm) 1200×8900 1800×11500 22000×13500 2400×14800 2800×15400 3400×18800 4600×22500
    Pressure of high pressure pump(MPa)  
    Power(KW) 8.5 14 22 24 30 82 30
    Air inlet temperature(℃) 300~350
    Water content(%) <5 can reach 0.5
    Material recovery(%) >97
    Electric heating(KW) 75 120          
    Electricity +steam(MPa+KW) 0.5+54 0.6+90 0.6+108 When temperature is below 200 ,it shall be calculated according to actual conditions
    Hot air furnace(Kcal/h) 150000 300000 300000 400000 600000 1000000 1500000




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